dealssleep philosophy 600tc cotton blend wrinkle free…


Good deal? I don't really think so. 15" fall on the fitted sheet for 60/40 cotton/poly? Not so good.

Queen: 90x102"/20x30"(2)/60x80+15"

Material Detail
60% cotton 40% polyester, 60sx30D 4 pick


There you go with the TC rip off again.....beware peeps TC does not mean Thread Count...woot sure has changed, sadly


c'mon woot, stop accepting misleading and deceptive ads!!! They try to make us believe these are 600 thread count by calling them "600tc"... that's bordering on fraud.


SAD that woot would try and take advantage of its customers in this fashiion.


@atticpaper: Usually, when dealing with reputable companies, it means thread count. In the case of this deal, it means nothing, nothing at all.

Avoid at all costs.


"TC" = SCAM!! I got suckered into this scam thanks to deals.Woot telling me to go to to get 1000 TC "Real Egyptian Cotton" - threw $60 away - I threatened to file formal complaints with the BBB and Bureau of Consumer Affairs and all offered me was $10 compensation (I took it since it was better than nothing). Moral of this story - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...


They are authentic 600TC sheets with cotton/poly blend to make the sheets wrinkle-free. Your skin always touches cotton fabric. These sheets are more durable than pure cotton sheets, and it's easier to take care of them.



Does anyone have any evidence to prove these are NOT 600 thread count sheets???? I can't find any negative reviews anywhere...what makes everyone else so suspicious? Please help me, I'd like to buy them if they're actually 600 Thread Count


Thanks Linda, but I'd like to see some reviews on Sleep Philosphy products somewhere before buying. And can you explain why everyone thinks this is NOT a 600 thread count set?


@dsmokay: Hi dsmokay, we have lots of sheets on our site with good review but specifically you can check out these sheets from Sleep Philosophy here:

They are 100% cotton, whereas the one on sale now is cotton rich but it will still give you a good idea of the quality.

As you can see, this sheet was named 300”TC” and all our customers have been very happy with this 300 thread count sheets. We do not use this term to scam any customers but to shorten the name online. In the future, this seems to be a big concern from many customers so we will move to spelling out thread count on our sheets to give our customer the ease of mind that they are all truly as specified. Hope you have a good shopping experience with us and please let us know if you need any further clarifications.



FYI, this exact product is the same price on Amazon with cheaper shipping.