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Don't bother. Buy a real kitchen knife once and you won't have to replace your junk constantly.


I second that. I bought a Victorinox chef's knife a few years ago for $20 and I haven't had to replace it or resharpen it since, and it will still outcut all of these cheap knives.

Make the initial investment, because it will pay off.


Did Mikers74 just call a $20 knife an investment?

Knives can fall under a few categories. There are The expensive knives that are great (Wusthoff, Henkle, Shun), there is the Cheap knives that are crap (which I assume this one falls under) But there are a few brands of inexpensive knives that are actually decent (Kuhn comes to mind) The problem I fin is that to find a decent inexpensive one, you pretty much pay the same as an expensive/awesome one.

That's just my 2 cents. Save up, get a kick arse knife, and have it for decades. (and by not just "replacing junk knives" you are actually helping the environment since less stuff going into the landfills)


@emmnemms: Yes, I did - because for most people out there, it IS an investment. A Victorinox chef's knife is a stamped knife, not a forged knife, which is why it is so cheap. But in terms of sharpness, weight, handling, and overall quality, it is arguably one of the best out there.

It was rated #1 chef's knife some years ago and it is one of the most commonly used by professional chefs, which I think is great testament to its real quality. Not to mention it carries a lifetime warranty from Victorinox...

As for the "expensive knives" out there... First, you forgot to mention Victorinox. Secondly, Henckels produces some great knives, but you should know that they make some very poor quality, lower-end knife sets too that are not much better than the deal in question.


Just for the record, I am a chef, and have never heard of Victorinox (perhaps it is simply not common on the west coast)

My above comment wasn't meant as an attack. Perhaps to someone who is willing to pay $100+ for a knife that will last my lifetime, I don't consider $20 as investment...

Just a difference of opinion I guess.