dealsrega rp3 turntable for $805.00


$805 for a "mid-end deck at a low-end price"? Perhaps for audiophiles, but I don't think that 99% of the listening public think that's anything but exorbitant. Most people I know think my Luxman is high-end.


Ooof. It is the better price I've seen for this but definitely for an audiophile. I'd have to settle for the RP1 as it's MUCH closer to a comfortable price.


@zippy the pinhead: I didn't post this for the 99%.

I posted this for the value-conscious audiophiles. I don't care for most of the silly waste of money crap on the top page either, but I don't go into all of them to say that those are stupid. You know? Live and let live.

$805 for an RP3 is cheap. My Gyrodec costs a multiple of that, and it is glorious and has lasted me almost 16 years now, and is still running great, and looks like the day it was bought. There is something to be said about quality; and very likely I will never have to buy ANY turntable again ever in my life.

Thanks @lavikinga for confirming that this is a good price and a good deal for specific people this targets. @zippy the pin head: I think you can be rest assured now that while this deal does not apply to you, it applies to someone on Deals.Woot.