deals$10 8x10 custom canvas+ shipping


Looked at this before but couldn't find out the shipping cost until you go through all the bother to complete your order. Ugh. So said forget it.


I used this deal a few weeks ago, the canvas turned out really nice! $15 seems a little steep for shipping but the canvas IS free. They did a good job and it arrived at my house quickly.


I got one a while back, as well. Don't remember what the shipping cost was then, but the picture turned out great and my GF loved it! Would do it again if I had a pic I wanted to canvas


Not really a deal - they do this "deal" constantly. I got one, and the quality is just OK. Kinda cool, but I'd look into a higher quality vendor if you want something that will last.


I got one last time (a banksy, no less, as suggested.). Turned out just fine, product-wise. Came pretty quickly.

They do, however, do this deal all the time (I got a coupon with my order that is the exact same offer), and send an awful lot of emails afterward (At one point, I got several offers/ads within a 3 hour period-- none of which were related to my order). I opted out and they stopped near immediately, though).

All in all, not bad.


Ordered one. I'm a little concerned about the quality of the print though. Hearing some people complain about bad quality prints, and the photo I'm using isn't that great to begin with. Seems like all the pics I have these days are from cell phone cameras. Does anyone even use real cameras anymore?


Deal is no longer free. $10 for 8x10 and $15 for the 11xsomething. Shipping for the larger size is close to $19 which is like $34 total. Well, that's not much of a deal considering Costco can do it for you at a 14x14 at that price w/o the shipping cost.


@kayakaddict: I only use real cameras. If something is worth photographing, IMO it is worth taking a real photo with a camera equipped to make the best of it. I saw such a beautiful dawn on my way to work this morning, there were these exotic, once in a lifetime cloud effects probably partly composed of old contrails that looked like a piece of abstract art made of peach and orange light. I was kicking myself that I didn't have my camera with me. In desperation I got out and took a shot with the phone but deleted it as it was such a poor representation of what I was seeing.


no longer free, deal is over..