deals30 in 1 screw driver tool kit for $2.49 + freeā€¦


Great deal on screwdrivers to work on your laptop, etc. Just wish they would pack better - every time I have purchased one of these the plastic has ended up cracked on the way from the factory in China.


Buyer beware on these. These are hit or miss. As stated these are not the best quality, and don't always arrive unscathed. I have purchased a few of these in the past. Two arrived with the plastic storage cases shattered to pieces. Their only protection during shipping is a small plastic bubble wrap envelope. The last one I received, the hole in the driver handle was egg shaped and the bits would not fit. Total junk.


I bought this last year. I'm giving it and up arrow AND telling you it's a P.O.S. at the same time because, let's face it, you're considering buying a $2 tool set from China. It worked well for odd jobs at first, but the first time I tried to use it with a decent amount of pressure it broke. So as @scidoc says, if you want to use it for small things like laptops and you'll be fine, but don't expect anything big out of it.


The bits in these are a soft metal. They wont take any kind of real pressure. The only use for this screwdriver set is working on small electronics. Don't try to screw anything into the wall with one of these.


I bought one of these for when I disassemble and hopefully reassemble smaller electronics ;). Careful not to strip the screws with these, iv done it once or twice. The container is kinda crappy, will easily crack if you twist it to far. Also the bits just love to fall out all over the place if its tipped over...


This listing is incorrect. The price is actually $5.99 plus free shipping.


Actually this listing is correct. You need to use the coupon code as directed in the description.
"Apply coupon code MLCK191JNL1 at checkout to receive $3.50 off 1 pack item."


I have ordered a few of these and had good luck with all. Not the best quality but often a good set to start a little electronics job with and then trade up to better tools if you need to.


All gone.

They typically only last a few hours.