dealspatriot 32gb usb 3.0 supersonic boost xt flash…


I use a 16Gb Patriot flash drive almost daily. I love the rubber casing. I've used mine for over 18 months now with no issues.


Any word on how easy the rebate is to obtain?

I was just about to post this one myself.

Not bad for a 3.0


@breaddrink: Newegg rebates work fine.

Wondering about the deal hate on this one...usually don't see that many votes against without a comment. Maybe if I had made it pirate themed?



Not sure about the down votes. I suppose there are a great deal of USB stick deals these days. Rarely this low for a 3.0 of a good brand at this size currently.
Not a big fan of rebates however, so I'm going to pass, but I will up vote.