dealscenton dsp32gb-001 datastick pro flash driveā€¦


There comes a point where the value of my time and data is higher than the risk of going with a potentially unreliable second-tier brand thumb drive... at any price, including free.

And full disclosure: this deal requires a Tiger rebate.


Agreed. Please add MiR to title and detail to the description, or you're potentially wasting time of a lot of people.

Also, everywhere I'm looking (Including Amazon and Newegg), give extremely poor reviews on these due to extremely high rate of failure. Only TigerDirect shows positive ratings like this. I feel this says more negative things about TigerDirect's rating integrity than it says positive about the product.

Myself, I would never rely on a product with reviews like I'm seeing. The price is tempting, but between the hassle of an MiR that was not disclosed in the deal posting and the high reported rate of failure, gotta pass.


I am not saying this will happen to you, but I ordered one of this 03/10 at $9.97 with free shipping and as of last week it broke. The drive will not show up as media. It was not showing up before I started tinkering. Now after some time I have finally got Alcor tools to see the chip but so far no luck on getting this drive usable. I called tiger direct and they said they sent me a new one, so I am now waiting on it. I am not telling anyone to buy or not to buy it I just figured you would like to know my experience with this drive.

P.S. I just checked amazon for reviews and other have experienced this.