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check out the reviews. i won't be bothering with this one.

but yay for the free apps on amazon!


@smtatertot13: Reviews on FAAD apps are just ridiculous. If I listened to them, I'd never ever download anything. There are always at least a dozen people that complain about rights/force closes/fake reviews/etc. I just glaze over all the negative reviews and download everything to try it for myself.

Anyways, long story short, you shouldn't rely on Amazon reviews on whether to download the FAAD. You're always gonna have people that will post negative reviews on an app which will cause certain smaller app developers to defend them with fake reviews so their sales won't plummet after the FAAD period is up.


For anyone interested in saving time, all the major complaints unique to this app are as follows, ehem...

Its a paid beta

Doesn't mean the developer or Amazon wouldn't/couldn't update to a full version later. The Appstore will show you when there's a new update for an app you downloaded, so you don't need to have it currently installed on your device for that to work.


@sykotek: the review that stood out to me was one that actually addressed the app and seemed to be written in a somewhat intelligent fashion. from that review: "It could be a nice app, if the layout were simplified. There is such a thing as "feature overload", and this app has it in spades. You add an item, then you can add notes on that item, change the unit measurement, quantity, aisle, coupons, scan the barcode, etc. - all great ideas. Unfortunately, there are buttons that aren't labelled, and don't exactly make sense. I get what they were going for, but I think they tried too hard. Pencil and paper is still easier."

Sounds like the app in the OP would add complication to a simple task, which for this specific task, is not something I'd want.

I've used "Out of Milk" which is another free grocery list app that i'm a fan of (

to each his/her own.


@smtatertot13: Don't get me wrong, I'm not specifically defending this app. I haven't even used it yet. I was just speaking in general that Amazon FAAD app reviews are not necessarily the most reliable. I haven't ever used any grocery apps so I wouldn't know if there are better in the market.

I've also read someone else mentioning "Out of Milk" except they preferred the current FAAD. Your opinion on this is truly valued. I have no opinion on the app just yet, I do my grocery shopping on the weekends.


Hopefully this app will come in handy. Embarrassingly, I have been known to do the following whilst grocery shopping...

*Repeat to myself

*Write lists on the back of receipts and/or old envelopes

*Forget to literally bring home the bacon, cabbage, cheddar, cheese, clams, dough and lettuce