dealssandisk winter sale


Unless I'm missing something (like one hell of a discount code) - none of these deals are deals . . . . for instance, Amazon has the SAME UHS-1 cards for less than HALF of their so called sale price on the SanDisk Website. Do not buy direct is the lesson of the day . . . Wow.


I'm seeing the same thing, the 16G SDHC UHS-I card they're selling for $40 on sale, I can get at B&H Photo for $16 plus free shipping and no tax where I live. Prices on SanDisk's site is ridiculously high across the board.


@gregbowman: Beat me by 11 minutes. I was just looking at some SanDisk Cruiser Fit drives earlier tonight on Amazon and the 8GB one was $8.08 with free 2/day shipping via Prime. 16GB version was $11.49.


Yeah some things aren't deals. But I am interested in the 4GB MicroSD since "quality" ones are hard to find especially at that price(sub $5). I have a MP3 Player I like but won't read anything over 4GB. Shipping makes it hurt though, but i'm also interested in their Memory Vaults for long term storage of exactly what they are advertising it for, photos and such.


@mfpmax: Check Amazon first. 16GB memory vault is $27.44 with free super saver shipping. I rarely downvote anything, but I'll make an exception in this case.


Even the local prices at walmart are cheaper on all of this except the 4GB stuff.

I guess if you want any 4GB stuff, those prices are pretty good at least.


Would never buy a Sandisk product. When I called Sandisk for in-warrany service I got someone in India. There was no way to get them to understand that it needed to be replaced=no warranty. = no more Sandisk products for me.


No deals here, please move along.


Why so many up-votes then? Are people just hitting +1 without actually looking? I would think a free solitaire game would rank higher (which it does not, as of 9am Eastern time ).


Worse yet, when I clicked the link to check out the site my Commodo secure DNS tagged this site as "Malicious" and popped up the following message:

"This site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons."


My apologies to the fine folks at COMODO for originally misspelling their name....


What the heck is going on with flash prices? I bought a class 10 Ultra 32GB SDHC card in November on Amazon for $19. Today it is $35! And Sandisk has it in their winter sale for $50!


@erandy07: Dunno why you're being downvoted for reporting what happened. Upboats for you.


@rayray8822: Yes, that is exactly what is happening. I did it and then went to check the site. When I found that their prices were double for what I could buy the same item on Amazon, I removed my up vote.


Not trying to cry wolf here but
I have comodo firewall running w/ comodo secure dns turned on.

Everytime I click on "I want one", It says
"Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

When I hover over the link it shows the title
but the link address is

The title is the sale, not sure what is going on here.


If its not a deal please down vote. I wasted my time clicking on link because of all the up votes.


Is inflation back with a vengeance? Bring back the 2008 crash. No, if these prices are accepted, you won't stop another 2008 crash.