dealsm&ms: 15% off any order


You can use LUVBUG20 through Feb. 13th and save 20% off.


amazon deals has $15 for $30 at i bought it yesterday. the site is getting smashed with traffic from it so its frustrating to order but definitely a cool v-day gift


@shermbe: shipping on the M&Ms deal is outrageous - $15...


The site was moving very slow, but it worked. Thanks for the info khummler.


won't take either code right now


@shermbe - where could I get the $15 for $30 coupon? I don't see it on amazon.


@lwhitcomb: The deal is expired / sold out as of this morning. No longer shown... but link is:


@shermbe: I bought that deal too. Except Amazon Local sent me a "returning customer reward coupon" for $15 off any purchase. So I bought that for free. So, I took my free $30 gift card to My M&M's and bought my wife an old fashioned candy machine dispenser with a 1lb bag of M&M's in our wedding colors for $39.99, needed the total to be $40 for the 20% off coupon, so I added the $3 "memory frame" that I'll probably just toss... yeah, the $15 shipping is a pain in the @$$, but it shipped next day for me via FedEx... all in all, with all coupons, I spend $18 for a unique gift for Valentine's Day.