dealssamsung 16gb microsd card, sd adapter and usb…


Class 2 :( After using a class 10 card, I can't imagine using anything less for cards larger than 2 or 4 gb. Maybe if it were free shipping and you didn't have an sd and USB adapter already, but save up a few more dollars and get a class 10, you'll be glad you did. Or if your budget is really that tight, get an 8 gb class 10, you'll get more out of it than a class 2 16 that you throw at the wall out of frustration ;)


At $9.77, this isn't a deal. Class 4's go for this all day long. And a lot of times you can scoop up a class 10 for $10-11 from the Newegg e-blast.


A miracle that the "deal" got thumbed up 48 times.


@liu208: Because we're not forced to include shipping in the total displayed in the title. A lot of people don't open the deal before voting. It's a flaw in our voting system that I've brought up a couple of times. I guess others didn't agree.