deals$1 big macs at mcdonald's for $1.00


seriously? past midnight and for 4 hours only?!


I work at a McDonalds in Fairborn, Ohio. They don't have any deals like that going on. Would be nice though.


@enterr: I think they're targeting a specific crowd ;)


How dumb is that. I'll set my alarm to run out and get a Big Mac.


They honored it here in Central Florida


Yuk... The thought of eating a Big Mac at 2am and then trying to go to bed made me throw up a little in my mouth! Great during the day*, but not as late-night snack food. ( *except that our local McD's must nuke the thing after assembly making the shredded lettuce slimy!)


I remember back in college, McDonalds used to have 15 cent single hamburgers on a certain day. It was either Tuesday or Thursday, I can't remember. They didn't advertise it, and you specifically had to ask for a 15 cent burger or it was full price. It may have been a local thing or just in college towns. Anyone know if they still have that?


It was valid in all of Florida. Funny, I posted this earlier and it got removed.


@jimnms: Funny, I do remember that but haven't thought of it in so long. It was $.05 more for cheese and I think there was a limit of 5. Wonder if it still goes on?