dealspop open safety sign - slow children at play for…


PC version:

"Slow, children at play"


I assume parents only use this during the years before their kids will remember everything...


Sounds like a group dunce hat.


"Stakes Included"

Kind of sad that one has to stake a "Slow" child, but if it keeps them safe.


Why is it only the slow children we have to watch out for? Where's the love for the quick children??


(Sigh) Sorry folks. I just copied and pasted it. Should have corrected the grammar myself. If you look at the way the sign is designed, "SLOW" is on a line by itself and is the subject of the sign. "Children at play" appears below it in smaller print as a description of the reason WHY one should drive slowly. A comma is not strictly necessary on the sign itself, but I should have tweaked it on the subject line.

BTW, I chaired the editorial advisory board of a national magazine for many years. Sorry to appear humorless about this.


Oh good, another thing for my neighbors to leave out 24/7 whether their children are actually playing or not, making the sign completely useless.


This wouldn't do me much good, I think the cops would end up running it over. They're the only ones that speed down the street I live on.