dealsthe princess bride (blu-ray) for $9.96


A good deal on a fantastic movie with TONS of quotable material. Glad you brought this one back from the grave because more people should own it!...You're welcome.


@studerc: turns out this deal was only mostly dead.


If it were any other blu-ray, it wouldn't be a good deal since we have all of those $5 blu rays popping up, but for THIS. Yes.


I wish I had a blue ray machine to play this on. One of my favorite movies.


I used to love the film, perhaps I still do; but everyone I encounter who also likes it, I simply cannot stand. Who knows, maybe there are actually people out there who enjoyed it that don't incorporate persistent references to it during their daily, meaningless lives.


@vladistov: everyone you encounter who also likes it, you cannot stand? Inconceivable!

Never go up against a Wooter when bargains are on the line!