dealsgrown ups - widescreen ac3 dolby - dvd + $5 gift…


Unfortunately the gift card is only for certain Blu-ray purchases so this wouldn't qualify:

Free $5 Gift Card with Select Blu-ray Movies
Choose a Blu-ray title from the list below, and the gift card will be automatically added to your cart. Plus free shipping.


@doubledown914: But it works... add the item to a cart and you'll see!

1 Free Gift Card per order


Too bad Jumanji isnt on bluray. I already have it on DVD. The other two movies I will gladly pass on.


not a real fan of this movie but since I am basically getting this for .36 (tax) I will find a use for it.


Great deal but all the films are pretty weak unfortunately. I liked Jumanji as a kid but it does nothing for me now, still it's easily the best of these three options. Grown Ups is fairly dull and forgettable. And Jack and Jill; well, I don't even know if that truly qualifies as a film, it's just terrible.


If you want it on Blu-Ray you can. Just use the link at the 1st comment. You can also get Glory on Blu-Ray for $10 and Legends of the Fall for $10!


I ordered Grown Ups Blu-Ray 6 days ago, although the movie is back ordered I received the gift card two days ago.