dealslenovo ideapad s405-59351953 14" laptop for $291…


Slow CPU, but it will do just about anything you want as far as daily activities. Windows 8 seems to do a great job with slower CPU's too. This would be PERFECT for a laptop on the go, or someone who needs a computer for internet browsing, etc.


with my tax rate here in california, it was a little over 295. great price! Now, if i can get over my windows 8 fears...


by the way...... Thanks OP for posting the coupon code! That is the reason why I was swayed to purchase this.


I bought two of these for the kids for Xmas. I have received no complaints from them other than their hate of a track pad. It's a pretty sturdy machine, quiet (I dont think I have ever heard a fan from one of them) and extremely light. It does well with online videos and flash games. You can get a couple hours + out of the battery.

Just a heads up in case you dont look at the specs, they have no cd/dvd drive.


How would this do with photoshop and picture editing?


@nah85: Terribly. This is an entry-level machine with meager graphical chops and a ULV processor.


@bretbeermann: I wouldn't say terribly. If you are using it for editing photos and videos on a near daily basis then yes steer clear. For someone who is going to be touching up a couple of photos a week it should be just fine. Just because it will make the average person wait few extra minutes a week, doesn't make it useless.


@bretbeermann: The IGP spanks HD4k, which is found in the majority of Ultrabooks-- which have similar TDP. Of course the CPU won't much compete with a 3227U, but it's not $800 either.


great deal hands down, sold out unfortunately.


@shinespark: The 4000 series are rated quite similarly on PassMark. For what they both are used for, I wouldn't really say either will be noticeably better. Furthermore, it is going to end up being bottlenecked by the CPU more often than not.