dealsnerd do well: a small boy's journey to becoming a…


Oh yeah, zippy, this is a deal because for those with Kindles, it's $3.51 cheaper than the hardcover listed here yesterday. :)


@loubriccant: Still not a deal because this is the normal price for the Kindle version. The one you posted yesterday WAS A DEAL because it was priced much better than normal. There are thousands of eBooks that are cheaper than the paper versions and they are not deals either unless they are made available at a lower-than-normal price or some other special quality like being bundled or having extra content etc.
BTW the only reason I even looked at this post was there were 2 other posts (one yours) for this title in the last day or so.


@zippy the pinhead: Well zip, it's like this. This a new and highly anticipated book. A lot of us want it now, not when YOU deem it a deal. So, what we've done here the last two days is show everyone that may be interested, just what their best options are at the moment. Wait until you read chapter 2, it's all about how Simon needed to get laid too! :-)