dealsdonate a 50x60 fleece blanket to local shelter…


@thatdailydeal Nice deal, I like it! Ordered the gloves and socks as well. Shame the check out went wacky every time I tried to order more than one, but still good idea.


I should have added that they are also offering the same donation deal on gloves and beanies ($1 each). Wonderful idea!


Thank for posting this, I was able to pick up several things. I had trouble getting the cart to update quantities correctly, but it finally worked and I was able to place my order.


Great idea - thanks for posting!

BTW, there are also donations for beanies, socks, and a gift bag for animals at the local shelter. And for $5.00 you can donate a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, too. For just $11.50 you can donate one of everything! Money well spent.


How do we know the donations actually go to people? We're basically paying $3 and trusting that it's not just a big scam.


Really appreciate this one, and would really appreciate something like this from woot if possible.


Thatdailydeal has been around for awhile and I've purchased from them quite a bit. If they reputation is in question, I can attest to their customer service and the way they've gone out of their way to unnecessarily keep me as a customer. I appreciate them doing something like this and it's not the first time they've tried to help people in need.


Fantastic idea ! Ordered.


Same problem as above with additional items, but it let me add them at the end. Great idea and thanks to TDD.


A 50x60 fleece blanket basically just gives false hope that you'll be warm. I would suggest taking lightly used full size blankets down to your local shelter.


Thanks for posting this! I just bought some of the blankets, socks, hats, and gloves. There's no shelter in my town, so this makes it easy for me to donate needed items.


Such an awesome idea! Thank you very much for posting this. I donated a little bit of everything they had to offer.


Great idea! Glad to see people sharing love and giving back.


@mortar235....stop being a hater and pony up the $3.


Okay, I sent some blankets, beanies, gloves and we get some kind of confirmation? It says it's shipping to our home address....


This is a great idea. Thanks for posting.


@cheesefood: I had the same initial reaction. Waiting to hear which shelter(s) are being supported.