dealsbowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbells (pair…


Still a good deal at $299. Love my SelectTechs!


@acraigl: Are they nice? I've heard claims that they're problematic, but that's always been largely unsubstantiated.


I have a set and they are great. Not for the weight-dropper though because I don't think they would hold up to that kind of abuse.


@lotsofgoats: They are great, makes doing different muscle groups in quick succession very easy. I use them for p90x and they are great! If you're just doing glamor-muslce lifting (only bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep kickbacks) you might want to get the next set up that goes up to a higher weight. In that situation I think you outgrow the weights faster.


@publicart: Aha, cool cool. Yea, looks like if you're doing a full body dumbbell workout you'd need a heavier max.



@lotsofgoats: Ah yeah, what I meant is that if you're doing simple/isolation exercises for large muscle groups you'll out grow them faster. You can do combination moves that are difficult even with a small amount of weight. All-in-all, I find it's great to have such a versatile weight range with only one set of weights. Much faster than loading your own dumbbells too. Anyway, glad I could help! Good luck.