dealsshop taste of home - $5 or less sale - email…


So good to see you moose! :-D Thanks for sharing this...wonderful sale for a cookbook collector to add to their collection.


i am a total cook book whore. thank you for posting!

EDIT: I was psyched to see some of the non-book items on the list, but thy seem to be sold out of just about everything. Sad panda.


(sorry for the double post - missed my edit window because I was digging through pages and pages of cookbooks!)

Just wanted to confirm that you can use code 532 on a $10 purchase to get free shipping. Yay!


Be careful with this sale. By ordering you are signaling Taste of Home to send you the following years cookbooks of the same series. One year I ordered my wife a dozen of these and six months later I started getting all sorts of new cookbooks at $20+ each. Several phone call later and they sent no more.


Bought 6 books and saved $9.99 in shipping. Thanks!