deals60% off classic ea games drm free for $2.39…


I kept getting a weird error when checking out. Was going to use PayPal, but hadn't gotten to the point of actually putting in my PP password. Then I got an e-mail saying thanks for my purchase, and the game is showing as bought in my GOG account. I assume they'll come back and ask me to pay later when they catch the discrepancy. shrug


A DRM-free EA game? Riccitello must be so mad right now.

Seriously though, this is a good deal on some real classics. I'd partake but I already have most of them from previous GOG sales.


It's worth supporting this to show EA that people to respond to and are willing to pay for DRM-free content alone. Either way there's a ton of great content in there. Well worth a look.


The DOS version of Sim City 2000 has been freeware for several years now. It's easy to find a legit DOS version, and then play it in an DOS emulator of your choosing on the OS of your choosing. No need to pay someone to repackage a freeware game for you.


I get the error of "this file is not compatible with your version of windows..." Anyone know how to get past this? Running Windows 7 x64


Had me at Sim City 2000 SE --- Great deal, I'm in.


@goldnectar: that's what I run and I've got a bunch of things from GOG. Might want to send them an email


I try not to buy software from foreign companies. It is much to easy to get a hacked, grey market or illegal product. The law prevents the sale of certain products across national borders and it is not certain what programs are in the illegal category since technology changes fast.


@mybestuser1: GOG isn't your standard international game code retailer of gray legality.

GOG is a company that negotiates directly with the IP owners to get the rights to sell these games.


My credit cards would't let me buy this. possibly this is for the best I have been drinking :) cinco de mayo mi amigos :)


@dpbyrnes: I tried credit cards from three different issuers, and all were "declined". I thought that odd because I've purchased plenty of games off GOG before. On a whim, I tried the transaction in Google Chrome instead of IE, and it went through just fine. I don't know if that was a coincidence and it was just their transaction servers acting up, but it is worth a try if you're not able to finalize your purchase.


@paulgrant: The payment processing is in a foreign country making this a foreign transaction. Your credit card company may ask you some questions before they release the money.


@dpbyrnes: This is where your money goes.
3 Griva Digeni Street
Patsalos House, office 202
6030 Larnaca, Cyprus
Business registration number: HE 223674


@onemadrssn: My time is actually worth something to me. The time it would take to set all that up greatly exceeds $2.39.


Unfortunately I also have had issues purchasing from GOG and Greenmangaming. Both are legitimate, but my bank debit card doesn't like them.