dealsdiehard aa alkaline batteries (8 pack) for $2.99…


Can I bring these into a local Sears for a jump start like my car battery?


Well, this isn't exactly a good deal. It's also wasteful (primary batteries are so yesteryear). One Sanyo Eneloop can easily replace 1,500 of an alkaline, and can support much higher discharge rate (great for high-drain devices, like cameras), and has low self-discharge (meaning that they keep most of their energy for 3 years). I say this as an energy storage researcher (doctorate) and a professional photographer.

All professional photographers use Eneloop (because our flashes or gadgets recharge way faster). There are great reasons for using these.

It's under $20 for an 8-pack. Why would any one still use primary batteries? Try out the Sanyo Eneloop.


@lll0228: Regular batteries still have their place. You would not, for example, want to put rechargeables into a remote control, or any low-drain device.

Aside from that, you're correct.


That's a great point.

For me I don't use AA and AAA professionally. I use then for all the endless remote controls and cheapy devices we have around the house and the cheap little LED flashlights we keep tucked in various places in our house cars and office.

So, though I have always wanted to be green and do the right thig, it's hard to justify fancy batteries for all of our cheapy devices.


anybody else notice "use by 2013" on the pic? makes them very undesirable for me. new batteries should be more like 2017.


DieHard batteries? Man, I thought they went out of business. I hadn't heard of a DieHard battery in years.


@lll0228: Because I haven't found the rechargeables to really work.