dealsblue diamond almonds - 1lb resealable bag…


sounds yummy, but limit one per each flavor I tried to add.


It may seem like a great deal, but your local supermarket may have these on sale for the same price.

For example, my local supermarket, Star Market, (aka Albertsons/ACME/Jewel-Osco/Shaw's) had them on sale two weeks ago for $5 a bag.


I buy almonds all the time. 4.99/lb is the standard price. This is no deal


The six-ounce cans are on sale for 2/$3.79. This works out to $5.05/pound, so basically the same price as the 16-ounce bags at $4.99/pound. The least expensive solution for free shipping is eight cans and two bags; that's five pounds for $25.14.

There are a number of flavors available in the cans that they don't sell in the bags.

By the way, make sure you put two of each can into your cart. The default is one, which will still cost you $3.79 (since this is a BOGO sale).

You can see all of the available flavors here, but you'll have to copy and paste the link as Woot! destroys the direct link:


@cleverett: That is exactly what I said in the description of the deal. Do the mix and match to meet your $25 min and I provided the link to the deals.woot deal for the cans as the staffers here like.


Why not first look in a store and spend as little as you like if you plan on bring in one today?;


Price back to $7.49. :-(