deals30% off naturall for $14.99


Not approved by the FDA or any other agency, no links to outsider reviews or etc., no mention of any scientific foundations of their claims, NO MENTION WHAT IT'S EVEN COMPRISED OF.

Probably a bad idea, why does this have upvotes?


No supplements are approved by the FDA. That's just how it is. For the kit it's not a bad deal.


It's fossilized freshwater algae. Supposedly stock full of minerals.

I'm sure algae is great stuff, but I think I need a little more convincing to be eating ancient algae that has turned into rocks.

The number of things this claims to treat place it in the snake oil category for me.


Hi everyone - Just wanted to pop in and answer some of the comments. There is only 1 ingredient in Naturall, and it actually is FDA approved for internal consumption. Schardt is right about supplements in general not being approved by the FDA.

The way naturall works is simple... It's honeycomb shaped fossilized algae. It has been refined down to powder form, and is broken down to single cell size. So, as you take Naturall it does quite a few things. It'll move through your digestive system and scrub it of any impacted materials, effectively breaking it apart. Some makes it's way into your bloodstream and chips away at protein deposits built up in your arteries. It absorbs toxins/bacteria as it passes through your system. Finally, it is expelled from your system in the form of hair growth, nail growth, and waste. So it really can affect you in quite a few major ways.

I personally take Naturall, have for over a year new. I saw some changes after my first week. Regularity, skin, nails.


Thanx for the discount, I'm giving it a try. I'll take natural supplements before FDA approved drugs any day. I'll be the woot guinea pig. I don't know if woot allows posts after about a month (I'm new here), but I'd be happy to follow up with my experiences - good and/or bad.


@lje2all: how did it work for you? i placed an order today, it's a sponsored deal today. just wondering how your month went and if you noticed anything different