dealsblue diamond almonds buy one, get one of the same…


No limit of two per flavor this time!


@floodmh: Thank you I hadn't noticed that. I have tattled to get it removed from the description.


Bah! No dark chocolate! (I would have gotten $25+ of chocolate ones, to get free shipping, if there were any to be had...

Still a great deal though...


These are always on sale at Walmart for like $2.50 each, or right around there. Obviously these are a better deal, but Walmart is always an alternative. If you can muster the willpower to go into one, of course.


Smokehouse and a cold one are a great combo! Thanks.


Shipping comes back if your order exceeds 10 lbs (24 cans crossed that line).

But it is apparently $0.49/lb over the initial 10 lbs. That's not so bad.


I have $1.00 off when you buy 2 coupons that make this an even better deal. It is in the stores, right too? I missed them in the ad.


@baqui63: The dark chocolate ones are Emerald, not Blue Diamond. :)


They also are running a BOGO on my favorite argon oil shampoo:-) AND - a code for 20% off on beauty items...RADIANT20. Just noting.... Almonds and shampoos on their way :-)


Any idea what the shelf life is on these?


@nowxisxforever: not true - Blue Diamond has Chocolate, also (they just don't offer them in the can)


@mcutchin: "Any idea what the shelf life is on these?"

On my shelves, about two days.


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C'mon guys, this is DEALS WOOT! Too easy! :P


Thanks, @squirtle456... saved me having to find the picture for @nowxisxforever.

While the Roasted Dark Chocolate Almonds are not available in 6oz cans, they now come in 8oz plastic jars as well as the 16oz bags of which @squirtle456 posted a picture. The 8oz jars are fairly new and I'm hoping that Walgreens starts carrying them at a similar (sale) price.


@mcutchin, the cans are all-metal with thick metal seals so they should stay fresh quite a while if stored unopened in a cool place. All of the cans I have ordered within the last month or two are marked "Best by" with dates ranging from November 2014 to April 2015. They will all be gone long long before they have any chance of getting stale.


@floodmh: Don't know if I did something wrong, but it DID limit me to 2 of each flavor!!!!!!

Problem is... there are only a couple flavors I want.

Plus, it wouldn't accept my code for an extra 5 bucks off, from PASSWIRD, since I'm a preexisting customer.