dealsglass french coffee and tea press with stainless…


The price is coming up at $14.99 for me...??


@jacordero: You need to click on the correct size (350mL) to see the advertised price. Hope that info helps. Thanks.


350mL is a little on the small side in my opinion, even at $4.99 (and you have to get to $25 for the free shipping)
FYI 350mL is about 12oz


great deal , thank you !!. good for single cup.


I have the 32oz Bodum French Press, and I love the thing. Coffee is so much better made this way instead of the fast-drip method.

This smaller one actually sounds like it would be nice to have at work when you just make a single cup, or if you are the only one that drinks coffee when you make coffee at home. A bigger french press just makes it easier to make too much.