dealsmyst-ical games, save 60% at gog


It's a shame that they don't have Myst 3 and 4 - that would be a nice collection to complete.


Hey! RealMyst for only $2.39. That's a BEAUTIFUL version of Myst.


Any fan of Myst should try to get a copy of this parody:

Featuring John Goodman, it presents Myst Island after 4 million "tourists" (Myst had sold over 4 million copies) have been through and trashed it.

Not really that great, but worth a laugh or two.


Thanks a lot, been looking to get a copy of RealMyst for a good price.

And as an owner of Pyst, yes, it is a funny parody.


The real gem here to me is "The Manhole." I can't count the hours I burned running through the world, and find it hard to believe that was 20 years ago.

I think I'm going to have to get it... for my kids... yeah, that's the ticket.


And RealMyst works on Vista and later (you had to hack the CD version to get it to work post-XP).

I loved this game way back when; I played it when the original came out on a 486 PC.


Loved these games. I even have books :P
My personal experience with another GOG purchase was not great. I could not get a game to run and was not offered any support or consideration of refund. Fortunately it was not much money, so I did not push too hard.

What does disappoint me is that the memory of these games is so much better than the game. At the time, of course, these were ground-breaking and previously unseen in terms of graphics and execution. The problem is that GOG just gets them to run using modern hardware, but the game specs themselves have not changed. What you end up with is a 256 color palette, rendered for a 640x480 display that gets blown up on a 24" monitor running 1080p or greater, which really makes the game simply hard to look at, let alone play for any period of time.

I love the idea for the nostalgia of it all, but my memories of playing Myst for the first time was so much better than replaying it in today's technology.