deals$100 off any smartphone at


...And yes, I suppose you could donate the $100 back to Sprint so they can buy some 4Gees with it. /trollfromsprintcustomer


Gordie told me to get one, I'm in ('cept I already got one ;-))


Was about to kick myself cause I JUST got a Galaxy S3 and extended my service until I saw...

"Requires 2-year Agreement and new line of service"

Not for upgrades, as per OP.

That said, Sprint is the only big carrier left that provides unlimited data plans, so that's why I re-upped.


This offer "EXCLUDES UPGRADES" in the fine print. Only valid on new lines of service. :-(


@roblemons: I JUST FIGURED THAT OUT AND MY DAY IS RUINED. I was wondering why I couldn't actually use the deal I'd posted. Farging acehole, that Sprint.


So... Since I made the post, can I edit it to update the information? If so, can someone... umm... tell me how? Hopefully I'll figure it out in the meantime...


I would jump at this but $80 a month for a simple smartphone plan is too much...


unlimited data...but I figure I have been paying a $10 a month premium for 4G for the past 2 years...and have never been able to use 4G...because Sprint is teh suck. Unlimited and slow does not beat 2-3GB and fast... I'm jumping off the Sprint ship on the 27th when my contract expires. I've been dreaming of this day for almost 2 years. Sprint = fail.


@tragicallyhip53: Yea, I know it sucks! I was all excited and then...oh well :-{


After 12 years with Sprint I went to Boost, more upfront - have to buy the phone, I got the LG Marquee early this year for $280 (lots better deals now) and they have a 4g phone out now, an HTC I think. Anyway, very happy with the phone, the 2gig card that came with it has a gig of music and still lots of room left, bought a bigger card but haven't needed it.

Best part? It is exactly the same service including the GPS navigator and unlimited service is $55/month and if you pay at a store there is no tax and every 6 on time payments it goes down $5/month till it hits $40.

No regrets, I save enough to buy a new phone every year if needed and no contract. The Sprint people will tell you it's not as good a service but that is BS, I even got a "welcome to Sprint" email and all my saved info from Sprint Navigation transferred to the new phone.


@dkfick: The $10 / month is a fee for "premium data devices", a.k.a. smartphones. Not a 4G charge. The 3G smartphones get hit with it too.

That said, I do agree that it is a bit shady. Akin to the DMV charging you extra to register your car if it has tires.