dealswallet lock pick set & locksmith guide for $9.99…


Usual caveats: Check local laws.


I have a keychain version that looks like a small metal swiss army knife. Had it five years and love it. Never wanted wallet ones, that things fat enough as is.


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i have one one these, it works. It fits in a wallet but it does make the wallet very stiff. it feels like you are sitting with a wood board in your back pocket.


@colesloth: Where did you get yours? Sounds like something I could use. I too have enough crap in my wallet.


I found picking locks to be very difficult ymmv


@dannykel: Unfortunately, that's only if your order is $60+.


@robinbobcat: Darn right. In NYC having those are an immediate vacation at the Riker's Island Hotel; part of the Dept of Correction chain. [unless you are a licenced locksmith.]


Got one of these months back. Its made of cheap metal that winds up bending in the lock. I tried it on a test padlock and a piece broke off inside.


How do you get the flat rate shipping? It shows up around $9 for me


@residentgoblin: Are you skilled in picking locks? Yes means we can trust that was a function of the pick quality, no means it could have been user error. I'm experienced with locks and have a junk set as well as having learned on professional high end ones. Good picks break too, but in unskilled hands the quality of the tool in this case is marginal on the outcome. These look like better ones, not the $5 credit card packs that are stamped tin. That said, they are not really all that hard to make when you know what you want.