dealscraftsman 165 pc mechanics tool set for $69.99…


True, but when you add the code SAVE15, it comes down to 74.99 in cart. Closer to advertised, still not exact. Maybe just bad math...


SAVE15 coupon code knocks it down to $74.99


Full specs don't say country of origin - many of the craftsman hand tools are now unfortunately made in China / Taiwan.


@gljones1740: You need to use the COUPON CODE above for an additional 15$ off.


@gljones1740: You need to apply the SAVE15 promo code. It ends up costing $74.99.


...then after you use the coupon code it takes off $15 more, making it 74.99, not the 69.99 mentioned in the posted deal.

I'm not certain if this is a good deal or not, considering what people have been saying about Craftsman of late, but many of my wrenches and sockets have seemed to walk off over the years, so I'm probably still in.

My question: is this a good deal at this price?


Craftsman tools have as of late indeed become of import origin.

You still get the same lifetime guarantee but the steel seems to be of lesser quality therefore the tools are a bit "beefier" where they need to be for extra strength in certain tools from what I understand.
You can read a bit more here and get a better idea of whats going on at sears

That's a great site btw and very informative... if you poke around enough you will very likely find some good info.



I did get the deal, but saved a bit extra by clicking through a portal site to get the deal. A 6% rebate should be forthcoming down the road!

$74.99 - 6% = $71.99 (plus tax, of course, but with free shipping, too!)


I did go for it, but went through a portal site, so a 6% rebate will be forthcoming down the road.

$74.99 - 6% = $70.49 (plus tax, but with free shipping, too). No complaints here!


I did buy this deal today, but went through a portal site to Sears, anticipating a 6% rebate down the road.

$74.99 - 6% = $70.43, plus tax, of course, but free shipping is included. I'm satisfied with the deal, knowing what my household tool needs are.


@lparsons42: If you look closer at ALL hand tools, you'll find that, by a large margin, most are made overseas. The important parts of this are the fact that the American companies wrote the specifications, and the board approves bonuses based on profit. And who does the board have to satisfy but the shareholders?
Hint: To at least some extent, it's us.