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can you tell me why bamboo would be a good material for a cutting board over others? i got a question going over on comments side because i saw this same deal.


@moosezilla: Bamboo is cheap, soft (won't dull your knives), renewable. I'm sure there are other reasons.


@moosezilla: I've been reading that Bamboo is harder than wood, more sustainable & won't harm knives. Can't yet personally vouch for it as better, as I just ordered my first one. I've been checking different brands out on Amazon & almost all have been given high reviews. So I figured I see what all the fuss is about & get one. I'll check out your question. Thanks

Also note: an occasional application of mineral oil will help keep the wood from drying out


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Just noting.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant. Praiesd for its sustainable production.
I've been mulling getting a bamboo board.


What the others said. It also dries quickly.

A note though, the grain in bamboo is much more pronounced than other woods so you have to cut across the grain which allows a smoother cut. Cutting along the grain forces the knife into the grain's grooves. Also, since it does has more pronounced grooves, make sure to clean it well as food particles can get caught in there.

They have plenty of these at TJ Maxx at great discounts if you want to check them out before buying.

As an alternative, I also use plastic cutting sheets. They usually come in sets of 3 - one for beef, vegs, and poultry each. This prevents cross-contamination.


Have been using a bamboo board for a couple of years and am a big fan. They're a little faster than other wooden boards, and hold up well enough if you keep them oiled. That said, there is usually a pretty good selection of bamboo boards in the home wares area of TJ Max or Marshalls for 5 to 10 bucks, and you can choose the one you want.


I got this last time from 1saleaday. The board is too thin. I put it in the dishwasher by mistake. It cracked in half.


For inexpensive boards, it's bamboo or plastic, no question. I use bamboo a lot at home and plastic a lot at both home and work. Bamboo tends to play nicer with your knife and is much more attractive; that can be important in home use. On the other hand, you can neglect almost any form of care on a plastic board with no ill effects. All you have to do is wash it, which can be done with stronger cleaning chemicals than wooden boards, and it's good to go. It's also incredibly difficult to actually damage one without trying hard. Another neat feature is coloration; I have a red board for red meat and a yellow one for chicken with white for general use. In the end it's personal choice; no one would be hurt by owning a mix.

I will add that, if it's feasible, upgrading to an expensive wooden board can really be worth it. They're durable, super kind to your knives, and incredibly attractive to the point of functioning as a serving platter. They also make you feel really slick.