dealsespn films' 30 for 30 6-disc blu-ray collector's…


Usually sells for $55. Nice deal.


"Once Brothers" is one of my favorites. Good stuff, good deal.


That's a steal at that price... $1 a movie.

Most of the movies are very captivating and well done. My personal favorites are The Two Escobars and The U.


Just based off the the title and price I really want this because I remember the 9 or 10 that I really enjoyed and without thinking assumed the rest were almost as good. After looking over the entire list it made me realize how many of them were just not interesting, blatant exercises in a film maker fandom or down right bad. "The Best That Never Was", "The Two Escobars", "Once Brothers", "Pony Excess", "The Band That Wouldn't Die" and four or five others were absolutely mesmerizing. The Reggie Miller and Red Sox ones were something no one other than fans of each would care about. The Allen Iverson and Marion Jones stories were 60 minutes of excuse making. The Raiders one neglects to mention that the Raiders had a vocal thug following long before the move to LA. The Martina Chris Everett rivaly was one of the best of the last 35 years but because of the the format it was nearly unwatchable. So torn.


Wow, great price for so many. Missing one I liked - Catching Hell. Also, most are free with Amazon Prime.

[Update] oops, pulled the trigger - in for 1


Don't forget many of these are on Netflix as well


These are mostly on Netflix. Despite being uneven, I would say that Without Bias, The Band That Wouldn't Die (by Barry Levinson) and Small Potatoes are the best. I learned a great deal watching Pony Excess (about SMU and the excesses of recruiting in the SWC in the 70s) and The U (Miami in the 80s). Kind of makes me wonder what is going on in the SEC today.


Every teenager should watch "Unguarded", the story of Chris Herren, but i don't see it listed? If just ten of these films are amazing, it's worth the price.


"The Best that Never Was" was fascinating, especially for those of us who remember the Marcus Dupree stuff when it was happening.