dealslodge logic 12" cast-iron skillet w/ ovenproof…


This is the same as the infamous 'Woot' skillet, minus the woot logo of course, right? Not bad, considering that one was $30 + shipping.


A great skillet! I use mine almost every day. Lodge is the the oldest manufacturer of cast iron cookware in the US. For those who like to know.


I purchased the woot! version and it has already paid for itself many times over. Okay, not really. I think I looked at the Woot logo once when I first got it. The novelty wore off faster than it takes to fry an egg on this thing. If you don't have a Lodge cast iron skillet, get one... now. Some day, you'll be the great great grandfather who bought this awesome skillet and has passed it down for four generations and your kids kids, and their kids and their kids will be grateful. It's way cheaper and much more useful than that Rolex you stupidly bought in 2007 after you cashed your bonus check. No, I don't work for Logde or woot!, just sporting a healthy buzz after a night drinking, and currently wishing someone would make me a Hobo Skillet in my Woot adorned Lodge cast iron skillet. Alas, cold pizza it is. G'night wooters.


Glad I didn't pay almost twice as much for the 'exact' skillet with an exclamation point logo. Some of the "hipsters" at the woot sale were trying (and failing) to justify the logo (vs. similar deals to this) making the analogy to the branding logo on a product like a Mercedes or Ipad in turn making it better than a generic product. They didn't get the fact that this was a piece of cast iron with no moving parts, advanced technology or fancy marketing costs behind it. Proof of the current education system / parenting skills failure we face today.


@iguana71: Or, you know, some people just like having Woot! branded stuff for the sake of it, and don't mind shelling out an extra $15 for something that is distinctive and collectible, especially when taking into account the fact that the product will last them the rest of their lives.


@stark: I'm not quite sure Woot stuff will ever be "collectable". If you like the stuff, great - most everyone has a collection of some sort. But to think that it will be "collectable" in general, in that it will go up in value and that someday there will be a general market for it and make it appreciate in value - I don't think so.


@iguana71: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume a) you're not a regular wooter, and b) didn't notice the swing in the ranking of your comment vs. the comments of other posters on this board. As of this writing, your prior comment has a (-8). This should be a fairly pellucid indication to someone like you who clearly has a high degree of education, and is the result of some excellent parenting, that your opinion was not well received.

Whether it's a buying a flying Monkey, spending their time watching a Woot-off in an attempt to get a Biscuit Of Corn, or buying a pan with a logo, Woot! is a community of people who like deals – and fun. Whether a particular product is distinctive, collectable, or just silly, your judgement is both irrelevant to the community and unwelcome.

And now, off to broil a couple of steaks on my overpriced, distinctive, and collectible skillet.


ROTFLMAO. Looks like it really irked the "hipsters" to see the reality of their logo deal spelled out.

@midnightohone: True "regular" wooters enjoy the fun of the deal but don't fall into the new Sharper Image mentality wooter like you. First and foremost it's about the deal to the true wooter. Your comment about flying monkeys, BOC's, woot lights or whatever is totally flawed as the purchase of those items are never near the inflated price point of the logo skillet and in fact are quite the opposite. Or maybe you didn't really read and comprehend the point of my post (which ironically underscores the validity of my post - lol).

The fact that your first post which screams buyers remorse has so many up votes is a good sign for the woot community. The fact that you feel my "judgement is both irrelevant to the community and unwelcome" in your last passive-aggresive post indicates how poor your judgement is. It must be influenced by those healthy buzzes you so enjoy. ;)


@tsfisch: I didn't mean collectible in the sense of appreciating value. True collectors collect for themselves, not for a later reward.
But fifty years from now, Woot! will be long gone, and if someone finds a Cast Iron Skillet with a giant exclamation point on it in an antique shop somewhere, they will think it's totally radical. That's collectible.


@stark: Totally with you there. I collect stuff that makes me happy. Stuff that would maintain much more value if I kept it "mint in the box". But I don't, because that wouldn't make me happy.

If woot skillets make you happy, then by all means buy one. I almost did :)


@iguana71: I think you're getting more downvotes due to your attitude/tone than your point.

I see your point, and almost agree with it. I don't like your attitude.


@stark @tsfisch: Two more that didn't get my point because they didn't really read my post. RIF

Hint(actually not a hint but it looks like I have to spell it out...somehow I knew it would come to this): the point was the logo doesn't make the skillet a better performing skillet.

If you take the time to re-read my post c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y you'll see I never made any mention of collectability. You both conjured up in your heads that I did to justify...???...who knows what? I don't really care as my post wasn't even directed to either of you though you felt compelled to reply...hmmm? You want to collect skillets, hoard them, pass them down to grand kids, whatever...feel free.

BTW ts, you probably don't like my tone because of its familiarity as I always reply in kind. And stark, please stop. I'm just an ordinary person; you're making me blush with all your fawning. lol



Before yet another argument erupts... Stark called it a collectible, tsfisch's commented about not being the "up in value" type of collectible, and stark then replied to him clarifying what he meant by collectible.

They weren't "conjuring" arguments from you, they weren't even talking to you. They were talking to each other. (Note the @[screenname] at the beginning of their posts.)

I hope this clears things up.


Hey, look... a post about the pan!

I bought the Woot! pan. Does it work better for having an ! on it? No. Does it look cooler with the logo on it? I personally think so, so I bought it. I already had two cast iron pans, though smaller. The only reason I bought that one was the logo. I thought it was neat. But if someone doesn't care about a logo, this unWoot!ed pan is still a really nice pan, and it's cheaper.

And remember this: when you buy one of these pans, logo or no, you're still contributing mightily to your mail carrier's future hernia.


@cappo: "(Note the @[screenname] at the beginning of their posts.)"

Yes, DO note the @[screenname] and who was addressing whom on the topic of collectibility directly after my initial post. Please try to keep up in the future. ROTFLMAO


@kmontrose: Once again, RIF. Thanks for proving my point regarding the current education system.

[sigh]...even spelling it out doesn't help some.



Your point seems to stem from arguments you had with other people that you dragged here in with you and expect us to defend. I have no idea who said the logo makes the product function better. It obviously doesn't. But no one here said that, you're arguing with the wrong people. The logo isn't supposed to make it work better, that's not what a logo does.

BTW, "hipster" doesn't mean what you seem to think it means.

Another argument you made, which is apparently now not part of your point, was the cost. The Woot! logo pan was a special, limited order and therefore it cost Woot! more to have them made than if they had bought the stock skillets. Therefore they were more expensive to sell. Was it a bargain for your supposed definition of "true wooters?" Well, it's the cheapest Woot! logo skillet I've ever seen. Excluding the logo? No, it's not cheaper than a plain skillet. But it's not a plain skillet.

I thought it was a neat idea. It's ok if you don't.


I'm such a chump. Bought the Woot version ... for a bunch more $$. Total chump.


@dpettus: You can "Signup to receive an email when this item is back in stock".


@cappo: Do you always infer so much from so little? That would drive most to paranoia. BTW, you need to revisit the term hipster (thanks for reinforcing a previous comment of mine though). ;)


@iguana71: Hipster is a blanket term with no meaning. It is used to indicate someone who lives a lifestyle you disagree with, and wish to be condescending toward in a general way instead of providing specific reasons. Even with such a broad avenue for defining it, I doubt you could provide a definition here that would retroactively make your argument anything other than nonsensical solipsism, unless you explicitly define it as: One who purchases Woot! branded cast iron pans for more money than a non branded pan

As long as we're spelling things out, your argument is that people who buy items that are branded by a company because they expect them to work better are idiots (What you think the word "Hipster" means)[citation: "the point was the logo doesn't make the skillet a better performing skillet"]. I do not believe that my Woot! branded cast iron pan will perform better than a normal Lodge Logic pan priced $12 lower than what I paid. Nor does anybody else, in this thread or anywhere.


... feeding the trolls ...


You also believe that a true Wooter would never buy anything other than at the lowest price available [citation:True "regular" wooters enjoy the fun of the deal but don't fall into the new Sharper image metality wooter like you](Actually, I'm not sure what this means, as your syntax and diction don't indicate any coherent point here. I've distilled the closest thing to a thesis as possible here).

However, you don't seem to be much of a reliable authority on who is or isn't a true Wooter. You've added no deals at all in your tenure here, showing you're neither a part of the community, nor good at ferreting out deals. You've been at Woot! for three years, which is nothing to sneeze at (Yet still three years younger than me, someone who you would purport to be a better Wooter than) but even ignoring your zero deals, you have remarkably little activity. You never offer helpful advice, nor even occasionally something clever or original.

I don't see why I should trust your opinion here.


@iguana71: In fact, the reason why there are so many posts, is proof that I am aware of the alerts.