dealsinstant inflatable window for $9.99


I wonder what would happen if the neighbor kid knocked a baseball through it?


OMG....what kind of loser would have this in their cube??? LOL
...I would


@dbilauca: Not sure about the inflatable part of it. The image looks more cartoonish than realistic.One idea that would cost about the same and probably give better results would be to frame a print (something from a 2012 calendar perhaps) and simulate a window with a couple beveled wood strips.

For slightly more money (or free if you have one lying around) Use a digital picture frame and run a looping video of a tropical island with the palm trees waving in the wind and the waves gently crashing on the beach. You could glue a fake window frame together to fit on/around it, secure with duct tape on the back side or just glue it on it it's been collecting dust for years. Just make sure you can still get to the power, USB, and memory card ports, and try to conceal the power cord behind the brace where two cube panels are joined.


Hey look! It comes with its own over-saturated photo of Hawaii, taken in 1973 on a Polaroid instant camera.


Lighten up, folks. This is a novelty item. I just thought it would make a funny office gift.


@belyndag: Exactly. It made me laugh and I'd guess that was kind of what you had in mind when you posted it.
And I agree, it would make a funny office gift.


But lower down on the page, the tray that makes ice cubes shaped like shark fins looked pretty cool.


@donslin: Thanks! Truth be told, I bought a pretty stained glass picture, complete with frame, and kept it on my wall at work. Cost a good bit more than this, but it was nice to say I had an office with a window since our building had NO windows!