dealsvizio 42" 1080p lcd hdtv for $349.99 + $5.00…


I have the smaller 32" model. Bought it last November for the master bedroom and paid about the same price. Great color and sound. Love the super slim profile. It takes up minimal space on my dresser. This would make a great Christmas present.


Not interested in LCD. It does have pretty good sharpness and nice blacks but LED technology has passed LCD in all areas including much less power consumption.


You can get a brand new 42" 1080p LCD RCA TV from best buy online for $20 more with close the the same stats. Lol, or you can be like me and have tons of refurbished stuff.


RCA sucks. sony samsung and vizio in that order


@tritescott: i can't agree. i have 2 RCA TVs (52" LCD and 42" LED) and i get comments from my friends all the time about how it is the best picture they've ever seen. the RCA LED sound quality is lacking, but a sound bar solved that issue. the LCD has great sound.


I was just looking at the 32" 720p version at a pawn shop for $220. This is a great deal


I own the 37" of this same model line and have nothing but good things to say about it and I paid quite a bit more then this for it. If I was in a situation where I needed/wanted a replacement this would be it.

I love saving energy but the energy savings an LED TV gives you compared to this LCD TV is minimal. I tested my 37" with a meter and it has a constant draw of about 105w even though the manufacturer website claims consumption is 65w of power. The same size LED TV from Vizio claims a consumption of 85w of power (20w MORE for the LED)

My point is, don't believe all claims that an LED is specifically less energy consumptive then a LCD and that manufacturer power claims are all skewed from (my experienced) average usages too.


Just chiming in to say I bought myself a 32" Vizio a year ago and love it.


$428 now - deal is dead


@forana: False, deal is still on. (7:26 PST)


Is no one else P!SSED that the fact that this TV is rerfurbished is held back until you click on it?

Crap like this just makes me less likely to visit this site. They can shove their 'deals' up their arse - treat your user base with some respect, huh?


I have this same TV and have nothing but great things to say about it. In fact Im about to have a whole household of vizio flats and Im looking forward to it. Great tv and brand.


I've got a different model 42" Vizio and love it! This is a great deal on a really good TV.


@stickywicket: No, because everyone else just read what's clearly written on the Woot ad.


I purchased this in an earlier Woot offering. Works perfectly. Was shipped Fedex and arrived quickly. Completely satisfied with the product. I saved a bundle. When I see the prices for comparable products at the mall I feel like I got away with one.