dealsbarnes & noble: 50% off all 2013 calendars


First calendar I looked at (Dilbert) was marked a whopping 10% off, not 50%.


In store at least, B&N always has calendars at 50% off in store, right after X-mas. Dunno about online, but I always wait until the last week of the year and head in to get a couple calendars. There is no other levels, they are all 1/2 off.


Certainly not bad, but no Far Side = not interested. I guess I'll never own another calendar....


I wonder how much the 2012 calendars are?
Bet I could get a good deal on one!


Click on "I want one" and you are sent to a page that says "Now through January 28th, 2013, get 50% off all 2013 calendars. Shop now for your favorite calendars, while supplies last. "

Hmm, not ALL calenders, B&N. False advertising makes me buy nothing, as in, forget you B&N.


@voovfeegbean: Edit -- "shop now" is a link to those calendars that are 50% off. Bah!


They had them 50% off before Xmas as well!