dealsironclad kong cold weather waterproof impact…


I think this is a really good deal. Too bad they don't have smaller sizes.

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Yeah, looks like a good price. Would have ordered more than one if they didn't charge +5 shipping for each additional item :( I hate that


"Designed by Oil and Gas experts"
From the same folks that brought us the Valdez and the mess in the Gulf, this HAS to be a better product.


Good reviews on Amazon but (all 3) say the fit small.


Cheap and high stuff...I am in for 50


@jayrookie: No, just right. You just have to think about it first.


@havocsback: Meanwhile, oil naturally spews out of the ground and into the oceans.


What am I supposed to do with A glove? Don't people usually want GLOVES? As in a pair of gloves?
The glove they picture most is left handed, so maybe they have more of those. But no where in the listing does it say that this is for a pair of gloves (left and right).


About $46 a pair if buying 3 pair here:
Seem to be highly regarded brand...


@buzzwang: not sure if it was specified before, but it is now:

"Ironclad KONG Cold Weather Waterproof Impact Glove - 1 Pair"


Just got them today. It was a PAIR of gloves :)
HOWEVER, they run small. I got the large and have "normal" sized hands. Buying size:large for gloves has never been a problem for me before. I could have used XL for these though.


@meckmeck: Thanks for the feedback. I wish more people (including ME!) would remember to come back and post about their purchases!