dealsfire safety for pets


Very 3 dogs and I thank you.


You are all quite welcome! :)


What a great idea! Thank you.


Really? Really? In what world is it a good idea to put the life of a fireman at risk by putting the pressure on him to save a domesticated animals. I have two dogs (expensive) but I certainly do not value them over the life of a fireman. If the sticker said " I have ? #children", then, yeah, mr fireman, get your butt in there; it's what I'm paying your for. Otherwise, get new dogs!


@mcavey3: If I'm not home, the dog could be saved. I don't see a downside. For the record, all fires do not endanger the lives of firefighters, but pets die in fires almost daily. Asphyxiation is a hellish death.


"Courtesy of the Masonic Shop" written on it. Nooooo thank you.

Also: Fireman is a non-copywritten superhero, not a firefighter.


Doesn't really apply to me because my pets are OUTSIDE-WHERE THEY BELONG!


My pets, so far, have refused to fill this out.


I think I'd need one to say
"We have [X] dogs.
(Ignore the cats, they probably started it.)"


@mcavey3: I am a firefighter myself and all life is worth saving--It isn't necessarily putting a person at risk.. We save animals all the time.. I remember an incident where some fellow firefighters of mine went out in icy water to save a deer... Just think, most peoples pets mean a lot to them, i know mine do..its like a member of your family..would you want your child left in a burning building to not put someone else at risk? As firefighters we know and accept that risk... just some food for thought.


I think that it's funny that mcavey3 gets -13 for saying that firefighters should save children...


@thepaulpage: He is not getting -13 for saying that firefighters should save children but that firefighters should not save animals--our job is the preservation of life and property..does not matter if that life is a dog or cat or if that property seems worthless--they mean something to someone and that is worth saving.


You're a good man my friend, good man.


Here are the signs resized (the ones posted would print to <2" by default) and without masonic info:


Thanks for posting @garyoa1


2"? They're 5x7. If you have a win7 machine you can print from postage stamp size to full page. No idea what machine you're using. As far as the ad just marker over it or cut it out. Not a big deal. And if you didn't notice... there's a copyright on the page.


@garyoa1: i'm using a relatively unknown software program known by the IT underground as "adobe photoshop", but i don't expect you've heard of it. the images are 489x348 pixels, which at that resolution equals a document size of 1.63"x1.16".

edit: the pdf's they have linked at the bottom of the page are 5x7; not the images


Interesting. Seems you don't know how to manipulate them with your OS. You can print them any size you like. If you click on print preview they'll print at 3.5 x 5. Which is probably large enough and perfectly clean with no distortion. Move them to your desktop and you can choose to print them full page. Again, with no distortion. DPI / PPI seems to be lost on you.

And I started with a little program called Photoshop 5 more than 20 or so years ago. I now use CS5 extended professionally that comes with the adobe suites. Along with Illustrator, dreamweaver etc. You know, the little dinky $1500 programs?

What I don't get is why you're complaining about someone trying to help people with pets and giving something away for free. I really can't help it if you don't know how to use your machine to it's full potential.


@garyoa1: you'd think that with 20 years of photoshop experience one would realize that the native dimensions of the jpgs in discussion does not translate to 3.5x5 without first manipulating them in some capacity, as the fancy windows 7 image viewer has the capacity to do. thanks for the tutorial though, professor ppi.

p.s. photoshop 5 was released in 1998. execute that other fancy windows program calc.exe to assist you with your math skillz.


Thats because there were better programs out there like Aldus photostyler, migrografx and a bunch of others. Adobe bought photoshop (no, they didn't create it) and crushed the competition. By the time they got up to version 5 or so, all the competition was already smashed. So, no choice in the matter.

But obviously if you take that graphic into PS it will only print about 2" unless you adjust your printer settings accordingly. That seems to be the point you're missing.

Do yourself a favor. Print the web page as is, or put it on your desktop and right click on it to print. Win 7 will give you a bunch of size options. I guess you haven't noticed it's not set at a standard 72dpi for a web graphic, it's set to print at 300. So the only way you'll get it to print at 2" is if you try to in photoshop without setting your printer correctly.

If you start scratching your head after it prints... as I said, you're lost with dpi/ppi.


@mcavey3: I'm a firefighter, and we'll save all life when the risk isn't too great. That's what we (in my case) volunteer to do. Some people, especially the elderly, won't budge unless their pet comes with them.