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@dusenj: so we can add more data to the quest to discover where cleaner00 lives.


I got the collegiate membership in MO a couple years ago and was very disappointed when I started shopping there and most of the prices were identical to wal-marts prices for price per oz and stuff like that but you had to buy larger quantities. For me it was a waste of money since I could go to the wal-mart next door and get every thing I needed from there. The only thing that sams had that made me go there was the market choice brand or what ever it is spinach artichoke dip it was so good.


@maciver: you can get it at any club. you just need a student id and when they ask for your e-mail make sure it's an .edu.


@jayrod521: How do you get this type of account? Do you have to use the website or is it in-store only?


We have a business membership. We get extended hours and I think it's even about $10 a year cheaper than a family membership.


You have to have (mod edit: profanity) for brains to PAY to shop there! Heck last time I walked in there for a hot dog I looked at their prices and they are average. They have nothing to offer.


sams club gas is the cheapest in my area, always a nickel a gallon (or more) less. You would be surprised how quickly those nickels add up. My truck takes about 23 gallons and I fill up every week.

I haven't found a better daily deal/price on aquafina water than sams, and I have looked around. They also have cheaper protein bars and musclemilk than I can get at GNC or some other stores in the area. My findings may differs from yours.

Sams always has tons of free samples. I think some people go in just to eat. They will eat anything being given out for free on those carts.


For me, the nearest Sam's Club is 40 miles away and there are 9 Costcos between here and there.
no thanks.


@zanex: I think Costco is much better price wise,selection and customer service. I have memberships in both and I prefer Costco hands down.


We just renewed a couple months ago, oh well, it was that time of year. Sam's Club member since 1991. :) I can't walk out without spending $100 even if I just ran in for one or two things, it's addictive.

Cheese for a hair over $2 a pound? (mod edit: profanity) yes.


Also we got the Collegiate Membership (just show a school ID and use an .edu email) which is $40, and (correction) a $15 giftcard. Website says you get the same GC with renewal.


How does Sam's club compare to costco, price wise?


We went to this last year this time, because our membership expires on the 6th and we were going to go up there and renew.

But last year when we signed up we got a $10 gift card, a pizza, and a rotisserie chicken. I wonder if we can get any perks again by going during this time...


@devexityspace: a reminder to stay away from the store


so what do current members get? how about a 10% off coupon =/


i'm surprised @wootbot wasn't all over this deal