dealstexas roadhouse - appetizer for $0.00




lol I thought the thumbnail was a picture of a brain.


Yeah, we really need an appetizer at this restaurant because the main portions are soooo small. sarcasm
I scoff at the people who think Olive Garden is a fancy, authentic Italian cuisine, I turn my nose up with eruditic scorn to people who love seafood at Red Lobster. Yet, Texas Roadhouse from their peanuts to their steaks to the morons clapping to cotton eyed joe and their delicious ribs is one of my favorite restaurants. The portions are large, the people are friendly, I can take my whining kids there without concern for disturbing others dining atmosphere and the prices are reasonable.


Everybody gets free appetizers anyway! It's called delicious fresh rolls and amazing cinnamon honey butter! DROOL!

You eat 'em, they just keep bringin' 'em, no charge.

WOW, that butter's good!

And what @fivemtz said… The meal is so huge anyway, especially with sides, I have to lay off the rolls to make sure I have room. Heck, if I know I'm going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, I'll skip lunch!

They're building a TR in my town as we speak. Can't wait til it's open!


@fivemtz: Well said. I know its a chain. I know its not "authentic Texas." I know its a little goofy. I don't care. My family, including myself, love that place.

And you are right about the portion sizes, they are huge. We rarely ever order appetizers, and not once have we dared to order dessert.


Oh wow, I actually had a lunch there today with a friend. Excellent timing!


Did you know they dip they baked potatoes in bacon fat? Screw the appetizer.


Heads up in case its an issue for someone. You have to sign up for their Email club, and then they eventually send you a coupon. Otherwise it doesn't give you one from the site.


Where I am at (Texas), appetizers are free in the bar area during happy hour (5-7pm IIRC). So don't waste the coupon if your dining experience meets those criteria!


Bloomin' Onion.............yum.


@hoops645: ya, if you have 48,000,000 calories to spare. These things should be illegal with all the "overweight" people in this country...


@davidschronic: When blooming onions are outlawed, only outlaws will eat blooming onions.


Strange, I know, but TR is one of the few places that my vegetarian friend can go to with us. He says the apps are great - good sized and (do your homework first, but) decent selection for the non-meat eaters. Who knew!

(Personally, I just like them as is)


I've found they're one of the few steak houses outside of cattle country where ordering "Extra Rare" gets you a cool center. That's a good thing. (That's what we call plain old "Rare" in Montana).


@rustybender: I waited tables at a Texas Roadhouse near Dallas for about a year. I'd say it's pretty authentic Texas cuisine. IMO the only thing that doesn't make it "truly" Texan is that the chain started in Indiana. Other than that it's pretty much true to the food we make here. The restaurants have people there at like 8am making all the sides and other food for the day. And the steak is just awesome.