dealsoneida serving ladle - restaurant quality…


Good price? VERY good; until shipping gets tagged in... (and they already collect tax, so I'm not saving anything there.)

will wait to see if the local Outlet Mall is carrying them. (I do need a whole new setup as a gift, anyway)

Standard (ships in 72-96 hours) $4.50
Standard Premiere (ships in 24-48 hours) $8.50
2nd Day Air $21.50
Next Day Air $31.50


Sometimes, a deal can be 'don't forget to add one to you shopping cart' before you check out.


Looking on Amazon, the total here is slightly cheaper than some, and cheaper than most.

If you can find it locally, that would probably be better, but I will say that I've been looking and looking for an all-stainless ladle and can't find one! They all have plastic or silicon on them.


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