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anyone know where i could print this off and the cost of printing if i bought it?


It only took $2.50 off $9.99. There really isn't anything special about it that you couldn't make yourself. If you do buy it, I would look at printing services or

Good luck!


@carlfredricksen: Office Depot can print stuff in Wide Format (larger than 11x17) for $1.99 a square foot on the basic paper, so it would be about $12 pre-tax. They'll laminate it for another $1.99 a square foot. They have bundle prices for the 24"x36" size as well, to get it printed on heavier paper, or glossy paper, to get it printed and laminated, to get it printed, laminated and mounted, etc. If your local store doesn't have a wide format printer (although most of them do) they'll send it out to their local regional print facility which will cost the same, but take 3 to 5 business days most likely.


I had same results as another poster. Only gave me $2.50 off, which is about 25% off, not half off.


I'm a fan of Disney World, and have been there many times, but I'm kind of lost as to why this is something anybody would want.


Code working ok for me. It is case sensitive.


Not even Disney fonts. It might as well just be a bulleted list of some random person's favorite rides.


@eojoob: I agree. This poster simply lists the names of rides, not even using the ride logos or fonts. There is nothing Disney about this, and I suspect it's because it's trying to avoid copyright issues. I don't see how this poster would be something any Disney fan would want to put up in their homes. From a design standpoint, it's ugly, and from a fan stand point, I'm insulted that they are trying to cash in on Disney.