dealscanon eos 5d mark iii 22.3mp full frame digital…


You have to go all the way to the FINAL check out screen to see the price; I mean add in all your credit card info and be ready to buy it, to see the price. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. I can go to most any reputable retailer and find out what I'm going to pay for something before giving my credit card info. Not going to happen!


@john92024: I have no idea what you are talking about, the price is listed HERE. $2,900 in bold, which is a lot less than other retail; it is NewEgg, an extremely trusted vendor.

If you think that is such a burden, may be you should buy it elsewhere and pay a lot more. If you want a camera at this level, you already KNOW what you are looking for, and I don't see how anything else is needed (the detail of the camera is on NewEgg's page AND everywhere online). This must be the most absurd post I have seen in a while, I must admit.


@lll0228: I agree with you NewEgg is a very reputable vendor! and the previous post is completely false on every account.


Holy balls, digital cameras are this much :0


@jamesclaflin: For professionals, this is "cheap".

A medium format digital setup easily hits $60k+ including the lenses. Mine is about $40k.


@fluhlej: Yes, he could also go to any retailer and pay at least a few hundred dollars for the same things, even though he could get that price without handing over the credit card... Oh, and he could have seen the price listed here....