dealsborderlands 2 season pass on sale @ $22.49 -25% w…


I want in on this... but can i apply it to the steam version of the game?

**edit - confirmed, it DOES work on steam! :D


Can you explain to me what Season pass means?


The Borderlands 2 season pass is a different includes 4 different dlc packs, 3 of which have already been released and ready to play. The package is priced about 25% less than buying them individually and this sale brings cuts it more than 50%. You of course must already own the game in order to use this.


@srblush: I am not illiterate, I think you can make sense of the mess my "smartphone" made of comments.


Only for the PC Download, not good for any others.


This looks like it's only for PC, will it work on PS3 or XBox?


I play this game all the time. Ive been holding off on getting the Season Pass in hopes that it would go on sale. Nows the time. Purchased and cant wait to play. Thank you.


amazon also has a pre order special for bioshock infinite which gives your $15 credit now and $15 when bs:i ships next month so you can get the borderlands 2 dlc pack for less than $2, great deal