dealskeurig special edition coffee brewer for $78.00…


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (the maker of the Kcup) is changing to a cup with a new design that will not be compatible with this machine. So, any company with a licensing agreement with the GMCR Keurig Brand using the current design will have to switch to the new and incompatible design. Meaning, if you like your coffee you won't be able to keep your coffee.

Sorry suckers. If you still want to drink theirs, you'll soon have to switch.


@barrywilliams991: That's okay with me. I never buy Green Mountain coffee anyway. I get other brands on sale and also use the pack it yourself cups.

GMCR is changing the design of their machines to keep the unlicensed coffee sellers from using their machines. It won't keep them from continuing to make cups for the old machines.

Every time a printer manufacturer comes up with proprietary inkjet cartridges, someone finds a way around it. I'm sure this will happen with the new Keurig brewers as well.


That's a really good price for the Special Edition. I looked and looked before Christmas and shortly after and the best I could find was $119. Bought it about eight weeks ago for that.


the price listed on the web site is 149.99 not 139.99 and they add tax keeping the price at or near 100.00


I have tried and tried. I cannot get the same price. my shopping bag show price of 149.99 not 134.99


You mention Code Blossom and a rebate. I used the code, I was unable to find a rebate. Any help here?