dealsprescription eyeglasses (frame & lenses) for $1…


Good luck getting this deal. I could never get the price below $13.95 even with the promo code. The $4.95 shipping is NOT included in the 14 bucks either.

And while the website has some nice features, the arrangement of the frames in confusing. Be extremely careful when selecting the frame because the separator lines are in the wrong place. You can easily pick the wrong frame. Use the V-try to see what it looks like.


I've done okay with Goggles4U in the past but not exactly in the way most would think. My glasses went missing a few years ago and I was stuck wearing my old pair that looked horrible and had a slightly out of date prescription. I took advantage of a Woot link to G4U and ordered a pair of glasses for something around $10.
The frame was fine (though it did take a while to ship) but the prescription seemed a bit off. I'd get headaches and got dizzy but then again, my prescription is a bit tricky (it has a prism) So I took them to my local optician and they put new lenses in it (which my insurance covered) and they were great until I wanted something new and I was on new insurance that would pay for it.
TL;DR - I'm not willing to say Goggles4u is a bad service but I've had better luck with others ( but at the very least they will sell you a nice cheap set of frames that's as good as anything Luxottica makes for a fraction of the price.


I downvoted this as the coupon only knocks $5.95 off the total. Sure it is a $6 off but not enough to get me to pull the trigger on a $30 pair of glasses. That may or may not fit well. There is an americas contacts and eyeglasses that will sell a $39 pair with the eye exam.


I got the deal but, the cheapest I got was $2 for frame/lenses & $4.95 shipping usps. The special says that 1.57 cr sv lenses are included but that is not an option in the drop down menu. Charles the operator said to use 1.57 cr39 lenses (the $6.95 option) & when you add the promo code it will be deducted from the price. They are also running another promo code of "glasses990". When I added the code it did deduct $5.95 but, the $0 glasses were actually $2. Shipping was limited to only usps @ $4.95 making my total $6.95


@metal4pg: Well, you're better than me! The best I could do was $9 + $4.95 s/h. I consider this deceptive practice and goggles4u is dead to me.