dealsm&m's peanut & plain bags, 19.2 oz. for $2.90


When I try to order, it adds $9.95 delivery charge. No obvious way to get rid of it.



@crowbite: The most obvious solution would be to get free shipping with a purchase of $45, but that's a lot of m&m's.

You can also ship to store for free.


I do alot of baking and 45 dollars worth of m& ms would expire before I used them all.
I stock up on after holiday clearance. I have about 5 bags in the freezer and one bag of minis that are all mine :)


I don't see any "ship to the store" option in the shopping cart. That's the problem.


you have to go to the "secure checkout" is located on top right section. Worked for me.


I was JUST about to post this LOL.

Unfortunately, there are no Staples within a reasonable distance from me.


thank god for this deal, I have $224.47 in staples rewards about to expire. HELLO DIABETES!!!!!!!!1

Ordering 80 bags and going to pull out all the green ones for st patricks day


I wantvto buy your staples credit will you sell it to me


Once you go coconut, you never go plain.
They are best eaten chilled out of the fridge.
M&Ms usually benifit from chilling.


Good opportunity to stock up for Halloween. These things never go bad. Or so I'm told since they disappear quickly from my house.


Others have bought them and the expiration dates are close to, or have already expired. I prefer to buy the holiday leftovers and put them in the freezer. Easter ALWAYS leaves tons of leftovers in stores by me.


I bought 16 bags, and used the free shipping. I expect them to be a bit ... aged. But, I'm done with Atkins this Thursday!!!


So is this available at the store or would I need to use the free ship to store to get them at a store?
Also does anyone know when this deal will expire? I was just at a Staples yesterday trying to use up my rewards dollars but ended up with some left over so this might just be the ticket!


Only M&M Plain are available.


@danieleg: I just ordered 8 bags of peanut & 8 bags of plain to take advantage of the free shipping and my order was confirmed.


@donslin: I just tried again, it wont even let me add to my cart.
Plain only, No peanut M&Ms.

"Out of Stock
We're sorry, the following item is out of stock.

Out of Stock
Item 733915 Model 24929 M&M's® Peanut Candy, 19.2 oz. Bag"


Same here, peanut out out of stock! That blows, I'm not really a fan of the plane M&Ms, should have ordered the first time I saw the deal :(


@danieleg: I had no problem just adding the peanut m&m's to my cart; no out of stock warning. I think they ship from a store or warehouse close to you, and that store or warehouse doesn't have any peanut...


Just picked mine up yesterday at the local store, they didn't seem too fresh. I checked the date - Best by 04/2013. My solution will be to eat them faster than I had planned...