deals1,296 huggies natural care baby wipe refills - 6…


Bring the price down even lower by using one of these coupon codes:

6%OFF with Code: SUMMER6 (One-Time Use Per Customer)

5%OFF with Code: LOYAL5 (if you already used coupon)

Slightly cheaper on Amazon at, but that site has fewer than ten packs available.


@belyndag: Whoa, dude! Almost $16 for shipping!? Not cheaper on Amazon!! I'm stocking up on the original poster's deal!

But thanks for the coupon codes!


Shower gift!! In for a couple! Folks around here are reproducing at an alarming rate!


That's still $0.03 per wipe, not a good deal imo. I try to stay at around 1-2 cents each.


This is an ok deal, but if you have a Sams membership you can get 1600 wipes (2 x 800 packs) for just under $39 shipped works out to $0.024 per wipe

If you buy a pack of wipes and a pack of diapers you get a $10 gift card
(has to be two different Huggies products)