dealstouchscreen metal stylus pen for ipad, ipod touch…


Can't comment particularly on this product because I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I placed an order on 4/23, and on 4/24 I was sent shipment confirmation. On 5/8, when the order still hadn't been delivered, I telephoned all4cellular's customer service.

They run their customer service department like my company runs ours - there was no attempt to blame, no attempt to make excuses, they said, "Gosh you should have received it by now, we can only assume it was lost in the mail, we'll get another shipment out to you right away." This is almost the exact thing we say to our customers when we've shipped something and it has been an unreasonable amount of time.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and IMO, good customer service trumps most anything else. It isn't how you treat people when things go right, it is how you treat people when things go wrong.


I ordered these a couple of weeks ago and received them much quicker that I was expecting. Pretty good quality. Definitely worth the money.


I picked up a 5-pack when these were last offered here.

The quality of the styluses are pretty good, but not amazing. They get the job done, but after some heavy use, the soft end of the stylus eventually gets pushed into the shaft, causing the metal casing to come in contact with the screen of my device.

But for $1? You can't go wrong with these, especially when they retail for 15x that in stores...


I finally ordered an iPad. I'll try these out. Thx for posting this deal all4cellular.


Can anyone comment on how well this works for the EVO 4G? I know this works for all smartphones from what descriptions indicate, but just curious if theres and lack of usability.



I bought a 3-pack of these on Amazon a couple months back. I'm not a fan. They do work in a pinch, but I find that the tip is too "poofy". The plastic piece inside the tip that the rubber portion pushes against to make your device recognize the touch is too far from the rubber part. So when you touch the screen (on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 anyway) it doesn't recognize it right away until you push down harder so the inner tip presses against the rubber part. This keeps the stylus from being very exact when using it. I bought to use to play Draw Something and to take notes and sketch in another app and they just don't cut it for me.


Now I can be a pro at draw something!


I got these last time from this company... They're barely worth the dollar, make sure you order the 5 to get the free shipping...

The first one fell apart in a few seconds, the clip is a joke, the "paint" flakes off even with super light use.

But even with the above bitching, I wanted a cheap stylus, and my iPhone/iPad respond perfectly to these ones.


I actually went to grab it just now but its not $1.95. =/ Day is over with.


@neolithicx: Thanks for that. I got those instead!