dealssave up to 25% off your entire order site wide


Dang. Gift Certificates excluded.


Really good deal right now. If you're a Star Wars fan, the Force FX sabers are a good deal. Even with shipping they're still (barely) cheaper than getting them from other places (Amazon) with free shipping.


When I did the check out, the % off was taken after shipping was included, giving me a bigger discount. Now I am debating the purchase of the gold plated limited edition (only 1701 made and individually numbered) Enterprise pizza cutter.


It sucks that they won't give you a discount off the price and free shipping coupon too, but it makes sense. :)

I picked up the gold plated cutter, cuz I'm a geek, then redeemed some points and got the regular enterprise cutter for a gift for my father in law... shipped it was all less than the gold plated cutter regular price. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself... and I do.


Oh the stuff I bought 3 days ago is cheaper now. How pleasing.


It seems the 25% discount only applies to orders of 100 bucks or more


@stonechiper: True. But try to get out of there with less than $100 worth of goodies...


Awesome, seems to take discount before spending geek points. I saved $30 by using the buy 2 get one free t shirt, paying $67 including shipping. Just under 50% savings :)


Giant robot funtime gloves!!!!!! Then I saw WARNING
Giant Robot Battle fists are purely cosmetic and great for cosplay. Fighting and hitting things with them will result in poppage and other damage. DO NOT over inflate. DO NOT hit stuff. You have been warned.


@royale b: Happens to me now with almost every order.. It's starting to get depressing. My last order didn't include my "free gift" for spending over $80 either. I'm starting to lose my love of thinkgeek..and I've still got over 10,000 points to use up..


@minxa1: I've never had a "free gift" that was anything more than a Timmy sticker.


Picked up the LED wreath. Been eying that for a while.


@tcayer: True but the original post should have mentioned this